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NXT® Cool Zone® is a remarkable heat reflecting roof coating utilising revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology developed by Nutech Pait to keep buildings cooler in hot weather.  

Unpainted roof tiles, coloured metal sheeting and conventional dark coloured roof paint including black, charcoal, and deep browns and reds absorb up to 97% of the sun's heat.This heat reflective roof coating will help keep your roof and home cooler, without sacrificing colour and design!

Tests have shown that NXT Cool Zone keeps your roof up to 30ºC cooler, meaning rooms inside your house will be kept a comfortable 6 - 10ºC cooler.   


Nutech TileFlex 2000® is no ordinary roof paint. This revolutionary coating combines advanced technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint over 30 years, with the special properties of surface cleaning nano technology to deliver superior performance.   

Nutech spent over 4 years developing the TilFlex 2000 roof coating which will stay cleaner and retain gloss longer than any other conventional acrylic roof coating on the market .  

Nutech TileFlex 2000 provides significantly more gloss and application and will maintain an attractive new looking roof appearance better than any other acrylic roof coating.




For information, please visit http://www.nutechpaints.com.au



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